Court Approves Class Action Settlement of Large Environmental Case in Las Vegas

On January 30, 2012, the Clark County District Court approved the final settlement of a large class action case in which the Firm represented approximately 275 homeowners whose Las Vegas homes overly a plume of PCE-contaminated groundwater. PCE is a common dry cleaning solvent which was used by the dry cleaner in a nearby shopping mall for over 30 years. According to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, vapors from the shallow groundwater contaminated with this hazardous waste had migrated up through the soil and into some of the homes. The settlement includes payment of $3,800,000 to the homeowners for diminution-in-value as well as the defendant’s promise to perform the clean-up of the contamination pursuant to a permanent injunction obtained by the Firm in federal court. Plaintiffs’ experts estimate that the cost to perform the remediation of the hazardous waste is between $10 Million and $20 Million.